Dalai Lama

Who We Are

Community Health Associates offers services to all individuals.  A thorough clinical assessment identifies the person's strengths, needs, abilities and personal preferences.  Our staff uses this information to formulate an individualized service plan (ISP) that guides the treatment process from beginning to end.  Our philosophy of care is dedicated to helping to improve the quality of lives of children, adults, families and the communities they live in, by building upon strengths.  Our philosophy supports every customer's right to receive care in the least restrictive setting, to live independently when possible, to be employed, to lead a healthy lifestyle, and to be educated.  


Our staff is dedicated to helping consumers fully exercise their rights while learing how to use local resources and systems of care to meet individual and family needs.  Community Health Associates is licensed by the Arizona Department of Health Services & Office of Behavioral Health Licensure to provide outpatient behavioral health treatment and substance use services for children, youth, adults and families.  We are licensed to provide services to all AHCCCS/Medicaid enrolled or eligible members or persons.