• Individual & Family Services

  • Psychiatric Health

  • Road to Recovery

  • Meet Me Where I Am (MMWIA)

  • Integrated Physical Health Services


Individual  Family Services

  • Depression and anxiety

  • Acute and chronic mental illness

  • Relationship, couple and family problems

  • Parenting and child rearing challenges

  • Behavioral and emotional problems in children

  • Abusive or destructive relationships

  • Sexual and/or physical abuse


  • Economic or financial stresses


  • Family crises, including separation, divorce and children removed from their home

  • Aging parents with mental illnesses

  • Grief and Loss

  • Post-traumatic stress disorder and recovery from catastrophic events


In addition, Community Health Associates' prioritizes the availability and delivery of services to Spanish-speaking individuals in both an individual and group setting.


Community Health Associates ofrece una amplia variedad de servicios psiquiatricos y terapias para niños, adolescentes, adultos y familias. Tratamiento puede incluir terapia individual, terapia en grupo, o terapia para la familia. Terapia puede tratar la depresión, problemas de aprendizaje y/o comportamiento. Algunos de los servicios que ofrecemos incluyen asesoramiento y terapia en los siguientes casos:


  • Niños y adolescentes con problemas de aprendizaje y/o comportamiento.

  • Familias y parejas que presentan problemas por dificultades en el matrimonio, separación, divorcio o tensión entre los padres.

  • Personas con crisis personales



Psychiatric Health

Our M.D. Psychiatrists and Psychiatric Nurse Practitioners are specially trained to work with children, youth, and adults.

Our Psychiatric Health Services are provided in our sites by M.D. Psychiatrists or by Psychiatric Nurse Practitioners face to face or by using "Tele-Psychiatry" which is state of the art private communication technology. Tele-psychiatry is the application of Telemedicine to the field of Psychiatry. It has been the most successful of all the telemedicine applications so far.


Participants meet in a private office where they can see and speak to their Psychiatrist or Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner on a private monitor much like a large TV screen. Our staff work with the participant and if necessary with family members to make each tele-mental health session, personable, comfortable, and beneficial.

Community Health Associates provides a full range of psychiatric health services, including:


  • Psychiatric Health Evaluations

  • Medication Monitoring

  • Medication Management

  • Case Management

  • Brief Psychotherapy


  • Psychiatric Assessments

  • Discharge Planning

  • Crisis Suppot

  • Consultation


Community Health Associates es proveedor de servicios psiquiátricos en todas nuestras comunidades. Community Health Associates también ofrece la opción de servicios psiquiátricos que son proporcionados utilizando la tecnología de la comunicación. Nuestros servicios psiquiátricos son para adultos y niños, que incluyera evaluaciones, psicoterapia, apoyo durante crisis, y medicamentos cuando se es necesario. Nuestros empleados trabajan con el paciente o los miembros de la familia para hacer cada sesión una experiencia cómoda y pertinente a las necesidades de la persona.



Road to Recovery


Adults & Young Adults Services

Community Health Associates "Road to Recovery" team is there to help adults and young adults with their recovery. Our team provides ongoing support to every participant to help them meet their clinical, psychosocial and rehabilitation needs. Our Road to Recovery staff and participants learn from each others' experiences, coping strategies, and offer each other daily encouragement. All treatment services and activities are tailored to meet the needs of every individual.

Road to Recovery's support services and activities may include the following:

  • Help each participant develop their own social support system,

  • Promote school and employment success along with vocational readiness,

  • Recognize each participant's use of pro-social behaviors,

  • Promote independent living skills and social skills,

  • Foster supportive relationships using both case management and peer supports,

  • Coordinate group activities which emphasize stabilization through community supports, rather than relying on office-based therapy,

  • Teach symptom and illness-management skills and reinforce substance abuse prevention,

  • Teach health promotion and wellness through scheduled physical health activities, events, tobacco cessation, health education, and

  • Help participants learn about their community and becoming active members.

CHA's Road to Recovery teams includes: Certified Recovery Coaches, Dedicated Recovery Coaches, Family Support Partners, Peer Support Partners, and Direct Support Staff that provide support in employment and wellness. Our team members work in collaboration with community stakeholders, agencies, and medical providers in Yuma County, La Paz County, Cochise County, and Santa Cruz County to ensure we provide the best services and supports possible to every individual.



MMWIA Services

Meet Me Where I'm at Services consists of wrap around support services ranging from family support services, direct support services and peer support services.  Individual and/or family therapy may be combined with these support services for our children who are identified as high needs.  CHA provides after hour services as well as on call support services to meet the needs of individuals and families in our communities.



Integrated Physical Health Srvs.


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