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Community Health Associates

 24 Hour Crisis Line NurseWise 24 Hour Crisis Hotline
 Servicios de Equipos Móviles de Crisis 24 Horas

 Crisis Mobile Team 

The CMT responds to any person in Yuma County, Cochise County, or Santa Cruz County who is experiencing, or is at risk of a crisis

and who requires mental health intervention and follow up support.

The CMT is dispatched by NurseWise, a team of nurses and behavioral health staff available to assist those experiencing a crisis and need immediate assistance, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

NurseWise can be called by family members, neighbors, friends, landlords, clergy or any other person(s) concerned about an individual. NurseWise is a critical member of the Cenpatico Behavioral Health of Arizona. The CMT responds to your community: homes, schools, Police/Fire Departments, churches/temples, medical offices.

What services does the CMT provide?
Crisis Team staff provide a range of services including crisis assessment, crisis intervention, crisis counseling, information and referrals, linkage with appropriate community based mental health services for ongoing treatment, and follow up.

What if the CMT determines that the individual in crisis needs further psychiatric evaluation?
The CMT Team will coordinate a referral to the approiate agency of their chosing, once it's determined futher services are required.  

What other kinds of Services does the CMT provide?
The Crisis Team will also assist in the Yuma County as a member of the disaster response network. CMT staff can be counted on to conduct crisis counseling to victims in the aftermath of local disasters, such as major fires, explosions, in addition to crisis de-briefing.

How can concerned person get help from the Crisis Mobile Team?
NurseWise will collect information regarding the crisis situation and will dispatch the CMT. The Crisis Mobile Team serves people of all ages. Spanish speaking staff are available to assist those in need of Crisis Mobile Team services.

Crisis Mobile Team